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Old School  Carp Fishing in France

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exclusive carp fishing in france


Boilie only bait deal



20kg 16mm boilies  


€250 - save €50


Only fresh or frozen boilies, the pellet sold on site, and tinned sweetcorn are permitted. Pellet/sweetcorn as loose feed only.


Our boilies are hand rolled in the UK by Elite Baits. We use Elite Baits because of their no compromise ethic regarding ingredients - only the best quality ingredients are used, Elite are one of just a few manufacturers who continue to use

fresh eggs rather than poor quality powdered substitutes, and only the best will do for our carp.


Our carp pellets are sourced from one of Europe's leading aquaculture suppliers - with the same outlook.


Smokey Mackerel    An oil based attractor results in a pungent and distinctive oily fish aroma


Ocean Fruit    Rolled on the same base mix as the mackerel but with a fruity twist, squid and cranberry are the attractors.                          




                                       Combi bait deal



10kg  boilies 16mm + 20kg 10mm carp pellets


€175 - save €25



Pellets         10kg bucket 25€         1 kg bag 3€


Boilies 15€/kg (see also discounted bait deals below)


Discounted bait deals are provided with the intention of encouraging anglers to use a reasonable quantity of bait during a weeks visit which in turn will see more fish caught. Bait deals are supplied on the basis that all bait will be used on site during the holiday when it is purchased.


For this reason bait purchased as part of a deal can not be taken off site, but can be stored here for future use.