Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

Les Croix - Exclusive Carp Fishing Holidays in France

exclusive carp fishng france exclusive carp fishing france

General information and frequently asked questions.



This is not a runs water - if you want to catch 10 fish a day then we suggest you look elsewhere. At around 4 acres

this is a small water, but the fishing can be challenging at times, and you will need to use your angling skills and knowledge,

because when there is a lot of natural food around the carp are not dependant on bait ....


Anglers who can read the current situation and adopt a good baiting strategy tend to catch well, when the fish are

feeding well you  will need to use a fair amount of bait and apply it regularly to realise the true potential of the water.


Keeping noise to the minimum and getting your lines out of the water when the carp are not feeding brings the best results.



 Q:  Can I book the lake without the accommodation ?

A:  NO. At Les Croix the lake and accommodation must be booked together.


 Q:  Do you take individual bookings ?

A:  No, the lake can only be booked on an exclusive basis.


 Q:  Will there be any other anglers at the venue during my booked week ?

A:  No, the whole site is reserved exclusively for your party for the week.


Q; Can I fish at night ?

A: Fishing is permitted from 06:00 - 22:00, early and late in the season this includes fishing well into darkness

but 24 hour fishing is not permitted at this venue.



 Q:  How much bait will I need for a weeks fishing ?

A : The lake responds well to regular and sometimes heavy baiting tactics. If the fish are feeding well it will not be possible

to overbait, and you will need a minimum of 10kg of boilies/25kg of pellets for a weeks fishing.

There are freezer facilities at the venue. 


Q:  What materials can I use for hooklengths at the lake ?

A:  Only coated braid hooklength materials are allowed. Uncoated braid is not allowed.

     Braided main line is not permitted and all shockleaders are prohibited. The rules can be found here


Q:  Can I use my own landing net, weigh sling and unhooking mat ?

A:  NO - all anglers MUST USE the nets, slings and mats which are top quality items and which are provided as part of the package.  


 Please DO NOT BRING nets, slings or mats.


Please refer to the lake rules for specific information regardingsuitable tackle, lines, rigs etc.