Exclusive carp fishing in france Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

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Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

Old School Carp Fishing in France

Les       Croix

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

The Season


If you want to fish for the carp at their heaviest weights,then you will need to come in spring or autumn.

If you prefer the warmest weather, then its July - September !  Fine but not too hot ?  Try May /June or late September/October.


April/May -  the carp are feeding strongly in April and May as the weather starts to warm up with longer days.

The fish are at their highest weights at this time. Some great catches are taken every year in April and May.


Spawning - It is impossible to know when the fish are going to spawn. Has happened as early as mid-April and as late as July.

Not all of the carp spawn at the same time. Good results have been had either side of spawning episodes, notably in May/early June.


June - SImilar to May, June is the most beautiful month in France, when everything is blooming, and this part of France is

incredibly lush and green. In most years the carp have spawned by now but they should also be feeding in order to regain their condition.

Typical daytime temperatures in the mid to high 20's, showers often present too.


July - Getting warm now, with temperatures often getting into the 30's during the afternoons, but often followed by thunderstorms which

cools everything down again ! Good catches are often reported, the carp are a little down in weight at this time.


August - Either hot/humid with thunderstorms like July or quite cool ! A difficult month to predict here, it can be very hot with temperatures

in the high 30's, or occasionally it can be a cool month with rain. Historically a very good month at Les Croix.


September - September here is like August in the UK, often it is still very warm, lots of natural food present and can thus be a tricky month for fishing. Nonetheless some great catches have been had during September, as the fish are feeding regularly.


October -  For fishing, certainly one of the best months of the year, the days are shorter and the fish are

                     feeding in order to build up their fat reserves for the winter. October is not winter in SW France !

The weather is normally settled and it can still be warm, even in late October - temperatures often stay in the high 20's

right until the end of the month. October can be better than September for fishing here and many of the biggest fish of the year

tend to get caught in October.