"Les Croix has a carp stock of quality and

condition that you simply will not find

elsewhere at this type of venue".

This is one of the few venues in France where everything has been done legally from day one. The fishery is

registered in France, and all of our carp have been purchased from bonafide sources. 100 mirrors and

25 commons inhabit the lake, an average weight well over 40 pounds, with 50% of the fish in excess of 40lbs*.

There are at least 15 different fish in excess of 50lbs, of which several specimens are 60lbs+ going up to

nearly 70lbs - and with the pristine condition of the carp, this puts Les Croix in a different

league to many other similar venues !

Although the stock of carp is remarkable, we do not focus purely on the size of the fish - there are carp of all

sizes in the lake, including some  pretty, heavily scaled mirror carp in the 30-40lb bracket. We are extremely

proud to say that all the carp in our fishery are in pristine condition - this is due to the fishery rules and

fish care procedures - all carp, regardless of their size are weighed and photographed in the margins of

the lake. Having invested heavily in the fish stock, we want to protect the fish and preserve their condition

so as to make it possible for our clients to enjoy catching pristine condition carp - we believe that the

condition of the fish is more important than their weight, and that all carp regardless of their size deserve

the same respect and treatment. We have an ongoing stocking programme, we have been releasing

young fish into the lake since 2010 that have been stocked for the future of the fishery,

These fish have already reached more than 60lbs !

You can find more info about the stock, and weekly catch reports on our Facebook page. Click on the News Tab).

* Weights of the fish vary and are lower in the post-spawning period June - August.